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Experiential Integrated  Relevant  Enjoyable


We at Seed to Plant believe that every child needs a vibrant and motivating environment and we need to empower parents and teachers to provide such an experience.

As an education content company we focus on creating meaningful learning experiences presented in the form of study materials for students and facilitators. We also provide training and support to teachers for its successful implementation.

Understanding Thematic Integrated Learning:
  • Designing and implementing integrated thematic units for young children is a developmentally appropriate practice which is supported by both brain research and the psychology of learning.
  • Thematic units greatly enhance learning because they integrate different intelligences and topics into a single lesson which mirrors how young children actually learn.
  • Finally, integrated thematic units make learning and teaching a lot of fun for teachers and children!
Unique Features
  • Focus on reading and writing readiness
  • Importance to play
  • Emphasis on creative thinking
  • Focus on self expression
  • Differentiated Learning
  • Skill based, Thematic and Integrated
  • Divided into parts to reduce bag load

Why Us?

  • A 360 degree support by our expert team for a smooth implementation
  • Detailed planners and facilitators manuals  for facilitation.
  • 24x7 online support for facilitators
  •   6 days training support for professional development of facilitators

We provide an unmatched quality of curriculum for your school:

  • High quality research-based integrated content based on NEP that gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Focus on language development through a story-based approach
  • Catering to different learning styles
  • Emphasis on creative and critical thinking
  • Development of emotional intelligence
  • Opportunities for self-exploration
  • Emphasis on reducing the load of school bag


SEED (8 Books+Fine motor Activity Kit)
  • 2 Story books
  • 2 Theme books
  • 1 Write and Wipe book
  • 1 Book for Creative Expression
  • 1 Beej Akshar ke
  • 1 My First Writing Book
  • Fine Motor Activity Kit
SEEDLING (8 Books)
Pre Primary 1
  • 4 Theme Books
  • 2 Fun Books for Home
  • 1 Pattern Book
  • 1 Book for Creative Expression
SAPLING (13 Books)
Pre Primary 2
  • 4 Theme Books
  • 4 Introduction Books for Hindi
  • 2 Fun Books for Home
  • 1 Pattern Book
  • 1 Book for Self Expression
  • 1 Book for Creative Expression
TinkerBuds (16 Books)
Class 1
  • TinkerBuds Gear Up
  • 2 Story Books
  • 2 Theme Books-English and EVS integrated
  • 2 TinkerBuds Workbooks
  • 2 Hindi Books Guncha Par1 and 2
  • 2 Tinker Maths books-1 and 2
  • Excel with Practice-English
  • Excel with Practice-Maths
  • Excel with Practice-Hindi
  • TinkerBuds Writing Journal
  • TinkerBuds Explore Each Day

TinkerBlooms (17 Books)
Class 2
  • TinkerBlooms Gear Up
  • 2 Story Books
  • 2 Theme Books-English and EVS integrated
  • 2 TinkerBlooms Workbooks
  • 2 Hindi Books Guncha Par1 and 2
  • 2 Tinker Maths books-1 and 2
  • Excel with Practice-English
  • Excel with Practice-Maths
  • Excel with Practice-Hindi
  • TinkerBlooms Writing Journal
  • TinkerBlooms Explore Each Day
  • TinkerBlooms First Word Dictionary


Who we are?


Aaron Eden

Aaron Eden has been transforming education since way back when he hacked his own high school experience. He has been designing and facilitating novel learning experiences for and with others ever since. In addition to being a leading voice in equity- based Read More...

Sanne Van Oort

After working as a senior lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, and as a Research Fellow at the Amsterdam Creative Industries Centre of Expertise, Sanne Van Oort’s focus on Education for Sustainability led her to become Teacher Development Read More...

Our Core Team

Anuradha Sinha

A dedicated, hard-working, and committed educationist and individual - is how one can aptly describe Anuradha Sinha. A beloved teacher to many, she has been associated with the field of education for over three decades. During this period she has worn several hats Read More...

Priya Jain

She has over a decade of experience in R&D in curriculum design and content development of over 400 children books successfully being taught by schools in India. Currently, based out of New Delhi, Priya Jain, is a B.Sc with PGD in Journalism and Mass communication from Xavier Institute of Communications Read More...

Shakeel Ahmad

With an experience of over 9 years in the education sector, Shakeel Co-founded his first venture in his early twenties named as Mind Mingle in 2014- which offers professional development programs to school leaders and teachers and has a network of over 4000 private schools Read More...

Naveen Sharma

Naveen is an MBA-Marketing topper born in 1990 in a small town of Haryana. He started his career as a marketing manager at a publishing house. An Edupreneur since his early 20s, Naveen has now spent over six years researching and creating solutions Read More...

Kiran Uppal

Kiran Uppal has taught English for more than 10 years and thereafter, worked as a Senior Researcher in educational organisations of repute. A postgraduate in English literature, she has always been enthusiastic about developing innovative learning for young Read More...

Sudhanshu Jain

Sudhanshu Jain has two decades of vast experience in designing children books, book covers and magazines. He has worked with a wide range of reputed organisations in India. His ability to translate the project needs with his creativity and meticulous understanding Read More...


To provide a stimulating and meaningful teaching-learning environment which
maximises the inherent potential of each child and equips with the skills of the 21st century, so as to face the world with confidence.


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